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Rhonda Laub

Master Stylist and Colorist
Hi my name is Rhonda and I have been a cosmetologist since 1984. Yikes… that’s a long time but honestly I still love this profession just as much as the first day I started. I love making people look and feel great!
I can’t begin to say it enough, but I want to Thank all of my customers, friends, and family for all the support over the years and in making our salon business “Awesome!”

Ken Laub

Stylist and Colorist
Rhonda and I opened Ambiance Salon in 2007. It's been so much fun that a few years ago I apprenticed and received my cosmetology license. It's very important to me to use the best products available and create colors that are customized specifically for you. I have a background in science and physics and very often I get to apply that knowledge to creating vibrant long lasting hair color that also maintains and enhances the health of your hair.
I love working with hair that most stylists would consider "difficult". I have mastered some great techniques to remove bulk and properly blend layers for clients that have thick & dense hair.
I really enjoy exploring new hair style ideas for guys too. Nothing will get you noticed quicker than a brand new hair style! I can also help you find the correct styling product to work with your lifestyle and show you how to use it to produce the results that you like.
Thanks for visiting our website! ツ Give us a call.
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